about pulmatrix


At Pulmatrix, we are developing innovative inhaled therapies to address serious pulmonary disease using our clinically validated, proprietary iSPERSE technology. Leveraging the unique capabilities of iSPERSE to dramatically advance inhalation technology, we can create new therapies to improve patient outcomes.

Our pipeline of inhaled therapies represents innovative, first-in-class products. Our proprietary pipeline of novel, therapies for rare, orphan diseases is led by PUR1900, an inhaled anti-infective to treat fungal infections in cystic fibrosis or immune compromised patients. Our pipeline in major pulmonary diseases developed in collaboration with partners is led by PUR0200, a branded generic in clinical development for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

iSPERSE is a, dry powder technology developed, patented and validated by Pulmatrix scientists and engineers to improve how drugs are directed into the lungs. iSPERSE products are designed to maximize local drug concentrations and reduce systemic side effects, in order to make possible a new generation of inhaled therapies to improve patient outcomes.

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