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Pulmatrix is advancing a pipeline of product candidates to treat serious pulmonary diseases. Our first-in-class anti-fungal product candidate for treating allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) in severe asthma and cystic fibrosis (CF) will enter Phase 1 in 2018. PUR1800 is the most advanced program in our proprietary pipeline, having completed a Phase 2a study in COPD patients, with continued development of an iSPERSE formulation focused on treatment of acute exacerbations in COPD. PUR5700 is a preclinical program focused on assessment of the compound for use in IPF and development activities focused on supporting Phase 1.

Our branded generic of Spiriva HandiHaler, PUR0200 has completed two clinical trials in support of establishing bioequivalence to the reference product in Europe and is poised to enter pivotal studies to support registration.
PUR1900 is an iSPERSE™ formulation incorporating a large, complex anti-fungal compound that can be administered at high therapeutic dose to the lung while minimizing systemic side effects. Patients with severe asthma and CF are afflicted with ABPA, a complex hypersensitivity reaction that occurs in response to colonization of the airways with Aspergillus fumigatus. It is estimated that 2.5% of asthmatics and nearly 15% of patients with cystic fibrosis CF suffer from ABPA, which is associated with severe exacerbations and poor long term outcomes. PUR1900 is the first inhaled anti-fungal product candidate for severe asthma and CF.

PUR1800 is a narrow-spectrum kinase inhibitor (NSKI) recently in-licensed from Respivert, a subsidiary of Janssen Pharmaceuticals. NSKIs inhibit steroid resistant inflammatory processes induced by a variety of stimuli including cytokines, pathogens and free radical stressors such as cigarette smoke. PUR1800 has completed a Phase 2a clinical trial in COPD patients and will be reformulated into an iSPERSE formulation that can be used as a treatment for acute exacerbations of COPD (AECOPD). Acute exacerbations cause significant morbidity and mortality in COPD and are currently poorly managed with existing therapies.

PUR5700 is a second NSKI in preclinical development. Preclinical data demonstrate the potential of PUR5700 to be used broadly in COPD to prevent or treat AECOPD, to treat severe asthma and as a therapy for IPF.

PUR0200 is a once-daily, inhalable iSPERSE™ reformulation of tiotropium bromide for COPD patients. PUR0200 is under development as a substitutable product for Spiriva® HandiHaler® in the European Union (EU) and as a branded alternative to Spiriva HandiHaler in the US.
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